Weightloss – AVOID OBESITY

For majority of people, weight loss is not a winnable game. It is always easy for the body to take over the mind and reach for sugary cupcake or go on for extra hours of sleep. Exerting willpower doesn’t help either. Battling with our cravings and forcing ourselves to exercise makes us feel tired, deprived and unworthy, bringing down our self-esteem even further and causing unhappiness.

Unless the necessary shift happens deep within us, weight loss will remain a distant dream. Hypnosis uses the power of mind to take over the body and rewires it in such a way that we begin to look forward to good health. As the journey of staying fit and healthy is never ending, the therapist changes our perspective about weight loss and educates us on the science behind it. After a few sessions, it no longer looks like an arduous task that requires effort, but we feel inspired to make the right lifestyle changes.

The hypnotist also analyses our beliefs related to our self-image and self-worth, as our beliefs make or break things for us. He identifies the mental blocks that stand in our way of achieving our fitness goals. He makes use of suggestions to reprogram our limiting beliefs, and to implant constructive beliefs that have the power to recreate our reality, the way we want. When the subconscious is tuned the right way, choosing healthy food and exercise comes naturally to us. The entire process becomes rewarding, greatly improving our confidence and our belief in ourselves.