People who excel are not people who do not fear. They are people who face their fears and willingly go beyond them. Uncertain and non-specific events are bound to trigger fear and nervousness. But if this nervousness gets severe and goes out-of-control, it develops into anxiety and disrupts our day-to-day life. Restlessness, rapid breathing, light-headedness, increased heart-rate, trouble concentrating on anything apart from the cause that triggered anxiety are some of the symptoms of the mental disorder – anxiety.

Anxiety when left unaddressed develops into panic attacks and phobias that can be life threatening. Various physical and psychological conditions like irrational fear, emotional turbulence, drug abuse or withdrawal etc., culminate in anxiety. This disorder affects our normal functioning and interferes with our relationships, school, career, recreational and social experiences. It can cause depression, social isolation and other complications that can greatly affect our quality of life and bring irreparable damage to it.

Hypnosis is a validated method used to treat people with varied levels of anxiety. Unlike other treatments, the therapist works by identifying the cause hidden behind the disorder. It can be a traumatic life experience, a repressed moment in the past, unidentified medical illness in the body or it can even be inherited. In case of trauma, the therapist changes the individual’s perception about the event and slowly releases the negative emotion associated with it.

While antidepressants and other medical alternatives treat only external symptoms and their effect lasts only for a few days, hypnosis brings a permanent solution by addressing and treating the root cause. After a few sessions, the symptoms disappear completely and the person experiences life differently.