About Our Treatment
About Dr. Urmish Mehta

I am Dr. Urmish Mehta, an M.B.B.S graduate with 18 years of experience in medicine, practised in my very own HM Hospital. From the days of early childhood, I have had the innate desire to heal people. I instinctively supported others in whatever means I could. This ability came as a big surprise to my family who took it seriously and nurtured it further. It earned me a thriving career in medicine, and eventually opened up doors to the unfathomable science of Hypnotherapy.

Started as a method to treat psychosomatic issues in my patients,Hypnotherapy gave me a powerful

impetus to fulfil my life’s purpose of helping people live a better life. Today, the healer in me treats people with stress, anxiety, phobia, fear, insomnia, anger and other psychological disorders that inhibit us from living a joyous, loving and fulfilling life,a life that all of us deserve. I firmly believe that everyone is born with unlimited potential…

Our Theraphy

Alternative Healing Method

Hypnotherapy is an alternative healing method that is used to create subconscious change in a client/patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours or feelings. It is undertaken with a client/patient in hypnosis. Contrary to the belief, during the therapy session the client is in complete control of self. These therapies help people to make the changes they want to that they feel will help them improve their life and have a better future.

Therapy Workshop

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Offering remote alternative healing sessions to help clients who cannot make clinical visit. These recorded sessions help patients all over  the world  to avail the consultation services from their place of comfort.

Dr. Urmish has taken special care in creating the Audio and Video CD’s which has come out with high quality.

Audio: CD / MP3

Video: MP4 / MPEG

Our Workshops

Training Class / Seminar

Training class or seminar in which the participants gain hands-on experience about science of Hypnotism and Hypnotherapy. The duration of workshops will depend on the topic and the level.

Workshop: Create a Hypnotic World Around You

Date: 17th & 18th Dec, 2016
Location: Chennai