Today’s fast paced lifestyle is taking a toll on our health, happiness and efficiency. Rapid advancements in technology have certainly made our lives better, but they have come at a cost. We are more prone to physical and psychological illnesses, we are not as happier as we used to be and we are too stressful to appreciate things around us. In order to enjoy life and feel good about ourselves, it is critically important for us to slow down and relax.

Negative feelings like anger, hatred, resentment, jealousy arise due to lack of relaxation. When the mind is agitated and stressed out, it gets easily provoked by people and circumstances around. People resort to numerous methods that bring instant relaxation. But in the long run, they cause more harm than good. For relaxation to be effective, it has to be deep and healing in nature.

Hypnotherapy offers real and profound relaxation that has an ever-lasting impact on us. The hypnotist works on the person by taking him through a step-by-step relaxation technique. Relaxing each part of the person’s body through the guided procedure, the therapist calms the mind and frees it from thoughts, worries and emotional disturbances that we face on an everyday basis.

The therapist also gives suggestions to the subconscious mind and creates new neural pathways that promote wellbeing, happiness and peace. After the session, the person feels extremely light and blissful, as if a huge burden weighing him down had been lifted and drained. By learning self-hypnosis, the person can practise relaxation every time he feels uneasy or stressed out and significantly improve the quality of his life.

Benefits of relaxation:

1. Improved well-being and happiness
2. Energetic and enthusiastic round the clock
3. Increased clarity, focus and creativity
4. Develop complex learning and problem-solving abilities
5. Increased optimism and enjoyment of life
6. Act consciously instead of reacting to people and events
7. Restore and strengthen immunity
8. Develop acceptance and genuine love for one’s self
9. Improved personal satisfaction and fulfilment
10. Relieved tension, stress and emotional blockages that hold us back
11. Live life with a sense of inner harmony and bliss