Pain management

Pain management is an approach used to help people suffering with pain and discomfort. Depending upon the severity and duration, pain can be classified as acute or chronic. Acute pain is short – term pain that occurs due to temporary illness or accidents like fracture, cut, burns, etc. Chronic pain is long – term pain and is more severe in nature. It occurs due to complicated medical conditions that come from known or unknown causes.

Apart from physical pain, the patient also suffers from its’ emotional complications. Stress and anxiety produced in the course of the medical procedure bring intolerable suffering. When left unaddressed, it can worsen the condition to an irreparable extent. Thus in case of chronic pain, it is critically important to work on a pain management strategy along with medical intervention.

The healing science of hypnosis uses the power of mind in taking over the body and in changing the thought patterns related to pain. In the trance state, when the person is more open to suggestions, the therapist works by giving appropriate suggestion for pain-relief. The therapist also removes the anxiety and stress associated with the medical condition which helps the person relax and think positively.

It has been scientifically proved that comforting and relaxing patients before medical procedures and surgeries has significant impact on their wellbeing. The patient becomes more co-operative and looks forward to the cure. The powerful mind takes over the body, reducing the cost, time, suffering and anxiety associated with the treatment.

Physicians use hypnosis to ease patients through childbirth, arthritis, angioplasty, chemotherapy, breast biopsy and other major surgeries. When used along with traditional medicine, hypnotherapy can provide psychological stability and help people cope up with pain. It has zero side-effects and has been considered as the most effective alternative medicinal therapies used for pain management. The therapist also gives post-hypnotic suggestions for patients to practise self-hypnosis and obtain relief from pain whenever required.