Motivational Hypnosis

Dr.Urmish Mehta

We all can dream big, but what differentiates doers from dreamers is the invincible power of motivation. People who lack motivation fail because they remain unaware of their own magnificence. In letting their fears and inhibitions overpower them, they lose focus, clarity and energy required to move towards their goals.

What we think and believe about ourselves is what we become. It is our self-image that determines our destiny. Everything in the outside world is a manifestation of the world within us. People who make it big in life are not those who have everything working in their favour, but they are people who believe in themselves and who think they deserve the best. They do not create their self-image based on what others think about them, they carve their own self-image and thus create their own reality.

Motivational Hypnotherapy helps people discover their infinite potential lying dormant within them. It removes the mental blocks that stop people from reaching for their dreams and helps them develop their own self-image, the way they want. It empowers them to face the challenges and uncertainties of life with confidence and enables them to beat procrastination. We all have a powerful mind but it works its best only when it is in a relaxed and peaceful state. Anxiety, fear and stress clutter our mind and do not allow clarity, creativity and human intelligence to manifest fully.

Self-motivational skills developed through Hypnotherapy stay for life as the shift happens in the subconscious mind. Unhealthy thinking like judgement, self-criticism, self-doubt, unworthiness and negativity are nipped at the root, which makes this method the most efficient and easiest means to bring dramatic growth. The intense relaxation that occurs as a result of hypnosis brings enhanced performance in school, college, career, business and sports.

Benefits of Motivational Hypnosis:

– Improved mental and physical well-being
– Overcome fear and inhibitions
– Develop inner strength to face challenges and adversities
– Keep the mind stress-free and focussed
– Clarity in setting goals and personal drive to achieve them
– Overcome procrastination
– Eliminate the fear of being judged by others
– Make best use of talent and potential lying within
– Performance enhancement in students
– Produce better results in business, sports, career