When they say that happiness is an inside out job, it sounds utmost impractical. How can my happiness depend only on me? I can’t be happy if people around me are mean. I can’t be happy if my circumstances are working against me. I can’t be happy until I achieve this, until I possess that, until I reach a particular position.

There are about a zillion things that come in our way to ultimate happiness, and yet they say that we can be happy in spite of everything, only if we choose to? We want happiness out of relationships, out of possession, out of profession, out of passion, out of everything. We do all the things we do because all we want is to be happy.

So when the science of happiness says that happiness is an inside out job, it is hard to believe. A majority of us claim that “I cannot keep my inside happy unless everything on the outside is working perfectly well.” But the sad news is that, it is never perfect on the outside, it is never meant to be perfect.  So, what do we do? Take this pursuit of happiness to the grave? Or just choose to be happy in spite of the imperfections in the outside world. Sounds too impractical to implement. Well, not really.

Our mind is a highly powerful and complex machine. It makes simple life complicated by choosing to either live in the past or future, by accepting limiting and destructive beliefs about ourselves, by constantly craving for that which is missing in life, by clinging onto negative experiences of the past, by anticipating too much fear for the future.  All this give rise to unnecessary thoughts and emotions that lead to stress. Research says that this stress if left unhandled, can make a person gravely ill and even cause death.

What do we do? The more we try to control the mind, the more impossible it gets.  It is challenging to gain complete mastery over mind, but there are simple tools that can make it work in our favour. What we can learn is a technique that instantly frees the mind of unwanted thoughts and emotions and thereby drastically reduces the stress that comes along with it. With this in place, we become innately calm, peaceful, happy, focussed and satisfied and go with the flow of life instead of battling against it.

Self-hypnosis is the powerful and effective technique that gives us deep relaxation, because of which we are able to see things clearly, just the way they are and come up with innovative solutions. What happens when you hypnotise yourself? To explain in simple terms, it is what detergent is to the cloth. Every time the cloth gets dirty, it requires a wash. So, every time our mind is stressed out, due to which our perspective gets fogged, it requires a good amount of washing.

In self-hypnosis, the mind effortlessly goes through a cleansing process, where all the unwanted stress is washed off, and the mind comes out fresh, revived and clear. And the best part is that it doesn’t require anyone except you because it is your own powerful mind working, this time in your favour.

When this process is mastered over time, life becomes a cake walk, wherein you feel in control of everything, in spite of whatever that is happening outside. You get the confidence that you can handle anything that comes your way and live a life of complete potential without being held back by limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties and inhibitions. Now, if one can achieve that with just 15 minutes of every day practise, then self-hypnosis is surely what you can gift yourself to live a life of abundant peace and happiness.