Contrary to the popular belief, addiction is not limited to harmful activities. It includes behaviour and substance dependence as well. People can get addicted to anything like smoking, drinking, food, internet, mobile phone, books, friends, travel, adventure, gambling etc. Addiction is something that we get dependent on, without which we cannot get through our daily life.

People with addiction find it difficult to maintain their wellbeing because addiction interferes with their health, work-life and relationships. Addiction is a serious issue because it distracts people from their goals and responsibilities, stops their progress and significantly deteriorates the quality of their lives.

In case of addiction, it is important to reach out for help before it is too late. Hypnosis is one of the most reliable tools used to relieve a person from addiction. The therapist works by finding out the underlying cause that instigated the addiction in the first place. In most of the cases, what started as a casual or experimentation activity, becomes a habit. This habit with increased usage leads to addiction and extreme dependence. Once the patient becomes aware of the cause, he or she becomes more open to suggestions.

The hypnotherapist offers support and guidance to help the person gain control over the addiction. By using the power of mind, the brain is tuned to dislike the habit that the person is addicted to. The dependency is both physical and psychological, hence the therapist comes up with different ideas that can relieve the person and control the craving. The therapist also deals with withdrawal symptoms that can cause anxiety, depression, insomnia, headaches, mood swings, vomiting, etc.

The hypnotist also changes the deep-seated identity and beliefs that makes the person feel addicted, powerless, miserable and hopeless. He gives a new positive identity to the person that is powerful, in control, confident, happy and fearless. When the person is made to strongly believe that he or she is nothing of the older self and have been transformed into this new identity, the person lives his present and future being this new identity that is free of any craving and addiction. This transformation is effortless and perpetual as the shift happens in the subconscious mind which is the guiding force present within us.